Monday, April 25, 2011



We broke open the mysterious brown frosting-seamed egg last night at Easter dinner, and now we know what they are! There is nothing inside and the egg is made of almond brittle. Actually it said right on the back that it was Mandelkrokant, but I had never bothered figuring out what Krokant actually is. It's something you sometimes find crumbled into tiny little pieces on ice cream or cakes - and I don't really care for it this way. They are hard and stick in your teeth. I never even considered that those little annoying bits were actually just super-crushed up brittle! So, now we know. The egg was pretty tasty; I think everyone liked it.

The other new thing we tried wasn't German, but British, inspired by a fellow blogger - hot cross buns. They turned out pretty good and are already all gone. :)


  1. My local bakery makes a raisin roll very similar to hot cross buns -- no frosting though. Hope you had a happy Easter.

  2. I always thought that hot cross buns were just dinner rolls... Now I'm inspired to make some, they look tasty!

  3. I make hot cross buns every year that Easter and Passover don't they did this year. My mother used to make them - but you can't put the crosses on until Easter, because of the symbolism of the cross. Or so she always said.

  4. I think I need to make hot cross buns (even if Easter is well past)! Everyone is talking about them this year and they look so yummy.


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