Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh yeah, some maintenance news!

By the way, I suddenly realized yesterday that it had been well over a year since I last updated my blogroll! Check it out on the right if you are looking for more expat blogs. If you don't see yourself but think you should, let me know. I went through my Reader looking for expat blogs I'd added in the last year or two, but I follow a LOT of blogs and it's easy to miss something.

Also, I thought my poor old layout was starting to look stale, so I updated that while I was editing everything. The new background is graffiti from inside Heidelberg's Student Prison. I'm not totally in love with the new layout, but the generic Blogger options are pretty limited and I'm simply not willing to put more time into layout than what I can get by just clicking a few Blogger buttons. I wouldn't mind your opinion on readability, though, if you're someone who actually reads the blog directly rather than through a reader.

Finally, if you're interested in joining our yearly expat meetup, voting is on right now for a location! The nominees include Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, and Magdeburg. If you have a blog come over and register at our forum and get your vote in for location! Right now the two leaders are tied - you'll have to go there to find out which ones they are. :)


  1. I generally read in a reader, so it's not terribly important (because your posts aren't cut off) but I find white on dark blogs very hard to read.
    Interesting graffiti, better than the stuff that just got sprayed on my building.

  2. I agree with G - light on dark is hard on my old eyes. I guess my blog didn't make the cut for the blog roll. :-( or did you just confuse Gems and Joys?

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into the colors in a bit.

    German Gems: Told you I would miss something! You are added (gern!). :) Sometimes when you leave comments, it doesn't link to your site, but to an empty Blogger profile. (For example, your comment on my Hajo! post.)

  4. I like the new look. Your Dinosaur Comics widget really pops now!

  5. I dig the new look!

    Yours Truly,
    Jens Lekman

    (Can't get Postcard to Nina outta my head this morning.)

  6. i like the background idea, so fitting, ha!

    and yeah, I'm due for some major blog spring cleaning myself!

  7. Ugh, I am really struggling with dark on light for this template. I'll keep working on it.
    Apparently light on dark is better on the eyes (less brightness overall) but it doesn't feel this way short-term because most of the web is dark on light and switching between them hurts. I thought making it something other than the painful white-on-black would help, but my husband also said it made his eyes swim. Shite.
    I will figure something out!

  8. So excited to hear about the meet up. I've registered and will definitely get my vote in. It will be so nice to meet other expats in person.

  9. I dig the new look too! And thank you for adding me to your blog roll :) I am honoured!!

  10. I feed Blogger whatever it will take when I comment and it it always the same. Thanks for adding me to your roll and for stopping by.


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