Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meters II


Today our apartment moved into the modern age of radiator meter-reading - they removed all the liquid-based meters (which I discussed here previously) and installed these very fancy new digital meters! I am ever hopeful for the day our meters can be read somewhere centrally rather than in our apartment, but hey, baby steps. They pulled a cable-guy-style annoyance by announcing that they would be here sometime between 8am and 5pm to do it, so there were people home all over the building - coincidentally on the same day that our water was cut off for part of the day due to construction! How does that happen?!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what these new meters do. I figure they must be more accurate than the liquid-based ones, since sometimes the liquid just evaporated out of them. I doubt that's going to save me a ton on my heating bills, but one can hope. :)


  1. To bad you didn't get so called smart meters. They send the actual usage via internet and you get a exact bill every month. I would love to have tha since I always always get a bigger Nachzahlung at the end of the year, I don't know why.

  2. My meters, which look exactly like yours, are readable without access to my apartment. Advantage: no annoyance anymore. Disadvantage: you don't know when exactly they'll read your meters. If those make you save a ton on your bills, I can't say. But I assume, at least, they're more accurate that liquid-based ones (at least, they supposedly should ;-)).

    What saved me a ton on bills: turning off all radiators throughout nights and when I'm not at home in those rooms where it isn't necessary/convenient. My radiators heat up pretty fast, though.

  3. Funny - we got the exact same model installed here on wednesday. That company from Lambsheim must be making quite a dime lately. They only gave us a 4-hour window though ;-)

  4. Native: Sounds great! Our year-end bill is huge.

    Sandy: Ooh, really? I wonder if these are readable from a central location! That would be great so we don't have to stay home and wait for a reader next time. (Except for in the case of the water meter readers.)

    Kato: Aww, only 4 hours, jealous!! ;)

  5. CN, I won't have to wait for anyone anymore in this matter. This includes the water meter! It's not a central thing. The signal, though, is strong enough to be readable from the outside of my apartment. Whether or not this is good thing, I stll don't know.


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