Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Same procedure as every year - we ended up staying right here in Heidelberg and watching our usual Faschingsumzug (parade). We met up with a friend at her place first and then watched from the Bergheimerstrasse. Alas, our friend was not nearly as excited as I was to go watch the parade. Although she had agreed to join us for it, I fear she finds herself among the German majority who hate this stupid childish holiday. Childish or not, I love parades! Even just on my way to her place I got a little burst of excitement watching the police start putting up traffic cones and fences to block off the parade route. Oh boy! Parade! She was too grown up for it though, and dragged her feet as much as possible so we missed the first third or so of the parade. Life-Tipp: You can do things with your friends, or you can do things your way, but sometimes those two are not the same. ;)

Since we arrived late we couldn't really get close. There were far more people on the Bergheimerstrasse than I expected! I remember watching from there the first year we were here and there weren't nearly as many people. Perhaps it was the great weather, which we have been enjoying for days in an incredible streak. GTFO winter!

Here are a couple of the pictures I got from my distant perch on a stoop. Also, you might enjoy this Wikipedia link that lists all the various Narrenruf, the things that people call out at these Fasching festivities. In Heidelberg it's Hajo! Apparently these things are really town-specific, which is so awesome. Pipe up Fasching-haters and tell me why you can't find anything to love about this holiday. :) Would I want to be on a vomit-carpeted Cologne train right around now? No way, but it's not all so bad. I prefer the traditions that are more southern - the freaky witch masks and the idea of chasing winter away. The Heidelberg Fasching seems to combine some of that and some other stuff like the old guys in goofy hats (which are ubiquitous on TV at this time of year).


  1. I love a parade and that's a good enough reason for me to like Fasching.

  2. We didn't go to Fasching this year. :( I'm 8 and a half months pregnant and didn't think I could stand that long (or go without a bathroom that long). It's too bad, because I love Fasching.
    And the nice weather is starting to frighten me. It's too nice. Revolution can't be far behind!

  3. I may have figured out my Fasching-aversion.

    It's not a Bavarian thing and maybe they just don't execute it very well. My only experience with it is more puddles of street vomit than usual, tacky-ass polyester costumes and sustaining hard-candy injuries.

    I don't begrudge anyone that likes it. It's just not for me.

  4. I LOVE PARADES. also i really, really hate friends who make me late for shit i am excited about. biggest pet peeve ever.

    p/s/ my captcha word is plingen. how fun! PLINGEN!

  5. Gems: Yay!

    MIHH: I understand your reasoning!

    Sarah: Increased street vomit is a pretty good reason to dislike something! I think the HD version is very tame so it's easy to like.

    Sara: Man I am with you. I think it feels insulting - it's not that they don't like what you like, but that they don't care that you like it and block you anyway.
    Although, in this case, I don't think my friend meant badly. Germans really believe they're helping you. She really believes I need to grow up and she's helping me grow up by showing me I don't need to go to that stupid parade. Four days previous she tried to discourage me from buying a stripey sweater because it was "for children or clowns". Germans are too effing serious sometimes. :/


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