Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today while I was in line at Rewe, I looked over my grocery pile on the conveyer belt to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I had only fresh fruits and vegetables, cold cuts, and dairy products. Then I noticed the guy in front of me's pile. He had only fresh fruits and vegetables, cold cuts, and dairy products. Huh. So I checked out the guy behind me. He had only fresh fruits and vegetables, cold cuts, and dairy products.

Maybe I'm a totally average German shopper now.


  1. Hey! You're supposed to be trying ketchup-chocolate on my behalf! ;)

  2. Don't you love it when you have these moments of fitting in? I am very impressed with Germans grocery carts though, much, much healthier than all the processed crap I would see in Canada, which most Germans wouldn't touch if they were starving.

  3. When I moved to Austria, the first time I went to the grocery store I found myself at the checkout with a box of spaghetti! I had no idea how to shop and cook like a European! :)

  4. i could totally deal with typical german eating.

  5. Mary: I might have to put you on that job yourself :D

    Expat: They do have processed things in the stores, though, so someone must be buying it!

    Kim: There must be SOME Italians in Austria! :) You're right though, I noticed right away there wasn't as much pasta variety here as Boston. Egg noodles, on the other hand....

    Sara: Time for visit again? :D

  6. Hahaha... this is just what my shopping looks like, but at our local Rewe the people in front and behind me are always armed with Ja brand sausages and those black tins of cheap German beer. Maybe I'm living in the wrong area :S

  7. I thought I must be a non-German, because we buy a lot of dairy at the Rewe and yet here in my building, we are the only family that uses the grunepunkt bin. Since we fill a large bag a week with just yogurt and milk and hutten kase containers, I have been assuming the Germans are intaking there calories through beer intake, which they return for pfand. We are also the only users of the bio bin, so I assume they eat only kartoffeln and eat the skins.

  8. Frau Dietz - if we go late on Friday or Saturday, the lines are nothing but teenagers each buying just one bottle of beer each!

    G - I think this is the other German phenomenon that some foreigners talk about (I've seen it on Toytown) - the Germans that never cook, they eat a big cooked meal for lunch at their work mensa, then in the evenings just get a broetchen from the bakery and don't need things like big fridges, kitchen ventilation, stoves with multiple burners, sinks big enough to wash big pots in, etc.


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