Monday, March 14, 2011


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German store windows are generally pretty fun to check out. Shops take great effort to display things that are not really that interesting to look at on their own - like pharmaceuticals or crutches - in some kind of eye-catching way. Sometimes, though, it just gets cringe-worthy. Witness above the Hirsch Apotheke's "Gans ohne Allergie" display on Heidelberg's Hauptstrasse. Geese with allergy-fighting pharmaceuticals. For those of you who don't speak German, it's a pun: this would be the German equivalent of a shop window with teddy bears, Claritin boxes, and a big sign saying "Stay bear-y allergy-free!" Gack!! Still, I love our variety of Apotheken, so I salute you, Hirsch, and all your goofy geese.


  1. That's just....weird. Are there many people who have geese allergies? I mean, I'm allergic to feather pillows and blankets, but is it such a problem that they have point it out?
    I like your new blog design, BTW. Is the background a photo of a wall in the Student Prison?

  2. "Gans ohne" instead of "ganz ohne"'s a pun...maybe I should have explained it better...

  3. @mihh: it's a play on words, "Gans" instead of "ganz"....

  4. Thanks for the explanation, the pun on words is definitely above my elementary German skills, but it is creative.

  5. Funny! There is an optician nearby that has big goat figures in the windows with sunglasses and rainbow-colored leis on. There's no pun involved, as far as I can tell, though. That's great - I love puns!


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