Sunday, March 20, 2011

Construction and More Spring!

The Neuenheimer Landstrasse has been under construction for about 10 months now. Although this means more construction noise for us, and the sidewalks all blocked off and piled in construction junk, it's actually more good than bad. The road is closed to thru traffic. Since it was a very busy road, this is heavenly. When there's not major construction noise, it's very peaceful with minimal traffic noise, and it's super-easy to cross. Before it sometimes took several minutes to cross the road because of the traffic, and it was unpleasant for bikes too, since there is no bike lane. Supposedly this project is going to add a bike lane to the road, which is pretty surprising because the road seemed too narrow already and there is a row of trees on the sidewalk that prevents doing much there. But, this photo I took a couple of days ago shows that they are actually widening the sidewalk. The old curb is in the foreground, and you can see the new curb beyond and how it compares to the old one.

The project will make our lives a little extra weird this week as we received notice in our mailbox yesterday that for bit of time this week (length and exact hours sadly not specified) we will actually be unable to get in and out of our building because they'll be sawing the road open right in front of it. Whoa. On the good side, sometimes some pretty interesting equipment is involved. A couple of days ago I came out to discover a giant (GIANT) spool of wire being threaded into a big hole in the road, which was kind of cool.

You might have seen headlines in the news about the moon being really close and bright last night. Here's what it looked like in Heidelberg. I was a little lazy taking this photo, but it really does look bright.

And, on to my favorite topic, the return of Heidelberg's best season, SPRING! (Fall remains my favorite season overall. However, HD really rocks spring.)

Signs of spring:

A view of our castle from the Philosophenweg, with blooming trees all around! Spring comes first to this hill (where we are standing to take this picture) because it's south facing, and they took full advantage of this, planting neat trees and gardens all over it.

Is this idyllic or what? This little garden is also along the Philosophenweg, high above the Neckar.

Tee hee.

Tulips! We planted some tulip bulbs in our little box last fall but none are blooming yet. I hope they come up soon because I can't wait to see what color they will be.

Little white flowers!

Huge line for ice cream! I think this is Heidelberg's most popular Eiscafe since it's so close to the river, but my favorite is still Venezia in the Darmstaedter Hof. They used to be the cheapest, too, but sadly they've raised their prices to a Euro per scoop.


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  1. Ah, a car from Fürth! I have posted on that registration plate before now (mine alas is only FÜCS).


  2. Capri has always been the best, and always will be.

  3. Those mannequin heads are TERRIFYING.


  4. Yes, those mannequin heads are terrifying! reminds me of the sketchy bunny website...


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