Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Your country" is starting to sound like a derisive sneer at this point.



  1. Our country is starting to suck in this regard. Jerks.

  2. I know the feeling... In this case "your country" is merely annoying. However when they say "your country" and they're referring to the USA, it's embarrassing.

    Maybe I need a third country.

  3. Adam: I'd love to find that elusive third country, but I know it doesn't exist in the way I wish it did.

    I'll add more to this post as I find new variants on the theme.

    And appropriately, my word verification is "recur". Yes, this is a recurrent problem!

  4. Adam, don't VPNs (virtual private networks) get around this problem? I thought that by setting up a VPN, - a few bucks a month charge - you could view US videos here because it makes it look as if you are accessing the website the US even though you're in Germany. Or do I misunderestimand you?

    Ian in Hamburg

  5. Ever tried That`s a proxy site. You don`t need to install anything on your computer. Just type the URL of the youtube video you want watch and that`s it!


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