Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Peanut-ketchup chocolate! It's...American?


The packaging certainly seems to be suggesting this is an American flavor...

ETA: From their website! "Carries the potential of becoming the favourite chocolate - not only for Americans. Delicious peanut-nougat with cracknel*, an addition of paradise apples/tomatoes with chilli and yellow chocolate as fruity and spicy supplement, eventually coated with noble bitter couverture."
* Apparently bits of crispy pork fat?


  1. Haha - I've seen this (and gagged at the thought of trying this) before at Edeka here in Hamburg. Yes, peanuts are pretty American. And so is ketchup. But any self-respecting American would never think of combining those two ingredients into one single food!

    I don't think I'll try it. :)

  2. What a typical German concept- pig in everything, and hidden pig at that.

  3. The german Zotter page lists "Krokant" as ingredient, which i think translates as brittle or praline, probably crushed in this case. So no, no pig!

    Dict.cc gives cracknel as translation for Krokant. Maybe that`s where they found it.

  4. Did you get it? Is it tasty? It sounds... unique.

  5. That sounds vile.

    Where does this "Americans put ketchup on everything!" myth even come from? It's not just Germans that think this, but I don't understand how it even came about. Cliff, while eating pizza in Romania, was offered ketchup to put on it.

  6. to be fair Zotter is Austrian, not German.

  7. Mary: I didn't get it! The thought of there being ketchup blobs in there was too horrible even for me to try. But, having read more about it on a candy review site, I don't think it's straight up ketchup blobs in there, so I might work up the nerve to try it.

  8. Hahahaha! Awesome. I quite liked the Zotter chocolates when we lived in Vienna. The flavorings in their bars are actually pretty subtle, so even the weird sounding stuff is pretty good. "Bergkäse und Trauben" was a big fave, even though the idea of chocolate-covered bergkäse is not something that would excite me normally.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!


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