Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Slight Battening Down of the Hatches

My Facebook feed is full of snow-related commentary from the US, but there's just rain here.

Quite a lot of rain, actually.

And a lot of water coming from upstream.

Is this literally what it means to batten down? This is on the Obere Neckarstrasse.

There's a metal wall up between the Neckarmuenzplatz and the river.

I think it's only predicted to come up another half meter. That might affect this street.

Good work, orange guys. :)

Info auf Deutsch.


  1. haha, thanks orange dudes! man it is seriously flooding there! still! we got a ton of snow tuesday night and in the morning it was TOTES slushy and gross and lots of gutters were flooded, but it was gone by the end of the workday.

  2. Ew, slush.
    It looks like the river won't get as bad as predicted so it's good news for those people living so close to the water!

  3. I wish my FB feed was full of weather. Instead, it is full of Packers-hatin from my Chi-town peeps! :) (you must have a little of that, oder?)


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