Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Away from Home

We just returned from Christmas in the US this morning. Funded by my in-laws who really wanted to get us home, it was the first time in at least six years that we spent Christmas there. There were many reasons we had stopped travelling there for the holidays, but after we agreed to go home this year we realized we had a new one - we have our own Christmas traditions now, involving Gluehwein, true and utter relaxation, little foreigner parties, and trips to the Karlsplatz post-Christmas Christmas market stands. Going home didn't feel like going home at all!

So, I was interested to see this blog post today as I'm catching up:

It includes a bonus mention of American consumerism! Luckily on our trip we mostly avoided anything involving shopping.


  1. We had family over here for the past 2 Christmases. It was so much better (for the most part) than going to their houses. We too have our own holiday traditions and like to keep them. Dh and I have decided that until the kids are grown, we will have Christmas in our own house.
    You guys missed all the amazing snow we got at Christmas! It started snowing on Christmas Eve morning and literally snowed all day! We had a gorgeous white Christmas.

  2. I've made a conscious decision to never go back to the States for Christmas again. The simplest way for me to explain my feelings is that Germany just feels magical at that time of year, and I don't want to miss it.

    But I hope that you found a way to enjoy your time over there.

  3. Actually, we had a great time, got lucky with the weather (also snow for Christmas!) and got to see our parents and meet our new nephew! But, we did miss our own Christmas. I like Christmas here better, and I'd rather be home for grilling/outdoor party season. :)

  4. *home in my previous comment being the US. :)

  5. The question everyone asked the husband at work was what we had bought in London before X-mas (huge US style sales). The answer was– food and a museum ticket. Consumerism lies with the consumers. Although there's a negative conditioning effect from the high prices in this country, I think.

  6. I lived in Heidelberg as a teenager and Vienna as a young adult, so I know what you mean about the magic of Christmas! Perhaps the hardest thing for family back in the US to understand is that "home" ceases to be there with them once you have been gone long enough. Somehow everyone back home feels sorry for you "missing the holidays". :)


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