Monday, December 20, 2010

What snow?

Everybody else's exciting snow news is bumming me out. We got a whole two inches here, which only stuck for a couple of days before being all rained away last night. I would love to just experience one day of getting snowed in and civilization coming to a halt. Of course, since Frankfurt has been getting plenty of snow we could still end up getting screwed by it when we need to fly, but without the benefits of seeing our own town buried. Boo!


  1. It's snowing. Right now.

    Bit too warm for it though.

  2. I like it. :)
    I just want a taste of that Big Snow that all my relatives in the US keep seeing on the news and thinking I'm in....HD never really gets that.
    Just watch though, I will get what I wanted right when I need it to not be snowing. :D

  3. Do we have enough now? It's been snowing all day! We had to go to St. Elisabeth's for my doc appt today and it took 30 minutes to get across the river. This is usually about an 8 minute trip. The snow was crazy!

  4. I do so heartily invite you to come to Erlangen and take my snow...especially the snow on my driveway and sidewalk. It is extra awesome snow! :-)

  5. That doesn't sound so much like christmas. I will go home to the Heidelberg area for christmas and I hope we will have as much snow as it is right now in Berlin. Of course please without any problems for my train ride. (Sank you fro traweling wis Deutsche Bahn!!!)

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