Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Damon got me a new camera for Christmas! It's super-tiny so I can carry it all the time, and it has lots of dummy settings like "snow" and "food" which are perfect for a lazy person like me. So, I went out yesterday in the snow to get photos to show you why I wish it would snow more in Heidelberg - but I forgot to put in the memory stick. Even this camera can't save me from that. It does hold two photos in its internal memory though, so I got two!

Isn't it incredible on the hills?
This is what it looked like right after it finished snowing yesterday. It never got that cold, though, and the snow was already falling off the trees in big clods when I took this. This morning we woke up yet again to see not a trace of snow on the terrace - all rained away again. It's depressing to go from the photos above to everything brown and wet and slushy again. I can understand that it sucks for transit/driving though...can I ever. That's why I want just one snowstorm so big that everyone has an excuse to not have to travel in it for a day or two.
Let's schedule one for January or so so we don't mess up anyone's Christmas travel plans, eh?


  1. I think the best thing about the recent snow is the resulting photos.

    All lovely.

    Even if you only got two...

  2. That camera did an amazing job. Mind sharing the make/brand with me? I have a huge digital (Canon EOS 40 D) and find that I often leave it at home rather than tote it around. I am keen to get a small one. Yours does very well!

  3. Expats Again: It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1. He picked it because I hate using flash and it's supposed to be good at low-light photos. We also have a giant Canon that I didn't like to carry as an everyday thing. So far the photos this one takes seem to be on par with that one.

  4. Yay snow! It looks gorgeous.

    I've carried a small camera with me everywhere I got for years now. I get anxious if I don't have one with me - what if I see something awesome but can't capture it and make it all mine?

  5. The picture of the castle is amazing!

  6. Wow, those are fantastic photos.

  7. Great pictures! I'm definitely missing Heidelberg! Thanks for sharing!


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