Wednesday, December 01, 2010

More fun with air

FINALLY, today someone is here to have a look at what might have caused our massive bedroom mold problem (it hasn't grown back since we tore off the wallpaper and floorboards, cleaned it all up, and put a dehumidifier in there).

Right now "the architect" has his little hygrometer out, of course, to find out where there might be too much moisture. I believe that he is currently lecturing Damon on how it is bad to kip (tilt) our window because moisture will build up on the window and roll down into the wall. Thereby leaving our only method of airing out the room (an absolutely crucial part of living in a German apartment as you know by now) having the window wide open in subzero temps all winter. (Because with the no-circulation situation we have because there is no way to pull air through on the other side, we have to have them open way longer than normal.)

I'll have the architect pay my heating bill, then.


  1. Well, I'm glad they finally sent someone out, but goodness gracious that's ridiculous to have to open your window wide open in winter. How much time/day is he suggesting that your apartment needs to be aired out?

  2. This makes me livid. I understand the need for airing the place out given that you live in the side of hill and the lack of forced-air heat. But in weather like this, it's just unreasonable to open all the windows wide for more than 10 minutes.

    I just kip 'em, and I only do it while I'm gone. And regarding the moisture roll-down - has your architect never heard of a paper towel?

  3. Turns out there was more about the kipping that I didn't catch. There had been some mold above our window 2-3 years ago that we killed off, but you can still see the shadow on the ceiling from where it was. He thinks that it was caused by kipping because moisture comes up from outside and gathers on the ceiling there and doesn't come back out.

    We are kipping overnight anyway, otherwise the room gets too stuffy. I think there has to be some give and take with liveability!

  4. In the Pacific Northwest, mold is much more of a problem than it is in the Midwest. That being said, I NEVER have seen so much mold in my life than I have in the Berlin apts. We are struggling with mold even in our washing machine! I have gotten the kip lecture many times with the "You are American so I don't believe you are kipping the windows of our fragile German apts"
    stare. :)
    BTW: I love your "fragile German apt" analogy. Anytime I talk about my apt, I will qualify with it fragile.


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