Friday, December 03, 2010

It's Friday!!

I n celebration, a few fun Germany-related games for you from Sporcle:

Great German Companies!

Most Common German Surnames! This was a lot harder than I expected. I got what felt like only a tiny sprinkling of them (and kicked myself when the rest were revealed) but managed a high percentile despite that.

German Chancellors!



  1. Interestingly enough, I did better on the German companies than on the German surnames. I just froze up and couldn't think of anyone's last name. Ha ha.

  2. The one with the chancellors might be a bit easy, considering each ruled over 8 years on average? (4 seconds per name for me)

  3. Mich: Not so strange; the surname one is pretty hard.

    Kato: Actually, was the surname one easier for you? The chancellor one - I usually forget a couple. :/

  4. The one with the surnames was hard in the beginning (like, you type 4 or 5 names and then... uuuh), after a couple minutes you just start punching in names and variants (!) randomly - maier meyer meier.

    With the companies, only one i had to think about a minute or two in the end was the energy supplier.


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