Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hochwasser! (II)


I blogged before when the Neckar was high, but it wasn't as high as it was today! I didn't get any photos, but you can see some on Facebook here. (I don't think you need an account - I'm not part of the group that posted them, but I can still see them.)

It's not THAT high but definitely the highest since we've lived here. Unfortunately it is causing a bit of a problem for some people because it closes the road along the south side of the Neckar, and the road along the north side of the Neckar is already closed to thru traffic becuase of construction. This leaves only the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage open. (Heidelberg is trapped between hills!) Also, you have to wade if you want to get to the boat restaurant near the rowing club in Neuenheim! The water looks like it has retreated slightly - or am I just imagining?


  1. Peak was at 4.10 meters this afternoon. Pretty standard annual stuff. Probably will have another two or three this winter the way the snow is coming and going.
    Back in '93 half the Old Town was under water at 6.63 meters ;)


  2. The Donau is pretty high, too. The lowest island was underwater yesterday and it's creeping up on the south bank. Since it's getting cold again, though, it will probably stop there for the next week anyway.

  3. I don't know why, but I love the word Pegel.

  4. holy cow, the minute we move away all the fun starts, huh?

    Hope it'll get better soon.

  5. Oh wow. How's the situation now? Glad I don't like on a river anymore...

  6. Water in Heidelberg is only 6 inches above normal right now. That's well within what can be regulated by the 28 locks on the Neckar.


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