Monday, November 15, 2010

DHL Update

F or those who read my whining about DHL's sad inability to redeliver a package to our apartment, a bit of follow-up: We complained over the phone when we called in and discovered that it wasn't going to be redelivered after all. We didn't think anything would come of it, but DHL sent us a letter about the complaint, along with a label for 6.90 EUR (I have a Euro key on my new keyboard, but don't know how to use it...) worth of postage. This is basically a little package within Germany and isn't all that useful to us since we pretty much never mail packages within the country, but I guess it's nice to know they logged our complaint.

And oh, yeah, I don't suppose you believe Nazis are about to take over Germany? My comment was admittedly a bit empty and reactionary; I made it too quickly. Anyway, I figured some people who read this blog might be interested in seeing that, and I'm sure the author will be happy for whatever attention I send over there. I mean, what else can you be seeking with the N-word?


  1. I read the article and the comments and I think that if the author just wanted to point out a growing concern with extreme attitudes towards foreigners in various countries, he should've stuck with that. Instead, he led his readers on with such a purposefully controversial title using the "N" word. It's unnecessary and irresponsible.

    I also think it is ironic that the other commenters who agreed with him pointed out how the media is responsible for fear-mongering. While I don't disagree with that, it also should be pointed out that the article itself is a shining example of fear-mongering.

    I also agree with the other commenter who said that asking whether this "concern" would prevent someone from traveling to Europe does not qualify it as a travel article. If that's the case and in his article he points out that this is a concern in the US, Europe, and Africa, then no one will be travelling to these countries/continents - except for Asia. He left out Asia...and Australia, Antarctica...

    One final thought: Somehow it saddens me that this is a guy who writes travel articles. TRAVEL is supposed to help us keep an open mind, see and hear things for ourselves, get to know people, hear their opinions, etc.

  2. If you have a German keyboard, there's an AltGr key to the right of the spacebar. Holding it will allow you to type the characters that show up below the "main" character on many keys (including "@" below the "Q" key).

    Sorry if I'm stating the obvious.

  3. Reez: I'm totally with you. It was inflammatory to bring Nazis into it. I'm surprised there have been no further comments.

    grpNiteroi: I actually have an English keyboard with a EUR key on the 5. I thought Alt Gr would work but it doesn't! You know, I haven't asked Google about it yet...maybe I'll try that...

  4. I use HTML entities quite a bit — like this m-dash between the words 'bit' and 'like'. The HTML code for it is — and you can use HTML entities for a lot of symbols unavailable to you on your keyboard (including € for the € symbol). There's a nice list of them at in the HTML 4.0 section. There are equivalent character codes in decimal and hex, but the ones with pseudo-words in the codes are easier to remember when you need them. Just my 2¢.

  5. I've been hanging on to this url for ages because I thought it was pertinent to this discussion. I think it's amazingly inflammatory against Germany and I can't believe there's so little backlash against this type of posturing:
    There are more in that vein.


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