Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flannel = Fancy?

I just spent EIGHTEEN EURO for one meter of ugly* flannel fabric at the Pfaff shop, where I will never shop again. (Seriously - they sell remnants outside the shop and don't even put a discount on them. Half yard of remnant cotton = NINE EURO.)

Are you kidding me? We used to wear flannel shirts in high school because they were so cheap. I didn't even think to check the price so it was already cut when I found out. A cursory look online shows ugly flannel to be around $5 a yard in the US.

This is just to remind myself that there are some things which are fancy here and not fancy there. Yeesh.

* I bought it for a quilt for someone else and although I just wanted solid white they only had prints, and I figured this one that was mostly solid was "good enough" for the project. Of course I would not have thought that if I'd known the price. The baby I'm making this for had better love it forever and take it to college with them and build a shrine to it and stuff. Jeez.


  1. This sounds like a business opportunity for some creative expat...import reams of ugly flannel from the US to drive down the DE cost and make a little profit in the process. ;-)

  2. This is why I endeavour to help the German economy as little as possible. They call it rip-off Britain, but some things here are just a joke. Levis jeans is a classic example. I look at the 90-euro price tags in the windows and just laugh.

  3. You should really let me take you to the craft store on post before we leave. You can stock up on reasonably priced fabric!

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