Monday, October 25, 2010


Just FYI.....we interrupt the Chipper Vacation Recap to inform you that DHL totally sucks!

A package was sent to us while we were on vacation. It arrived the day after we got back while we were out. We missed it by five minutes - I even ran out in the street to see if we could see the truck down the street or anything, but no luck. I've bitched before about the ridiculous pickup location for packages. Trying to avoid dealing with that, on Thursday we called the number on the slip to arrange redelivery for Saturday. Then we stayed home almost the entire day waiting for it. We thought it would come in the morning, and called in the early afternoon to see what the deal was, because the tracking number they gave us didn't work. They said it was on the truck and should show up by 4 or 5pm. So, we waited until 6pm. Still no package. Called again. This time they said it never made it onto the truck at all. Massive biff. They said it would be redelivered on Monday.

Welcome to Monday. It's 1pm and still no package and I'm terrified to even pee for too long in case I miss it. We call in. Guess what!? They forgot to put it on the truck again! The woman on the phone said we could arrange Wednesday redelivery, but we had better just come pick it up, because regardless of our phone calls it is going to be sent back on Wednesday if not claimed. So if they forgot to put it on the truck again that time, we would be screwed.

I can't believe their incompetence in forgetting to redeliver the package twice. It's especially confounding because normally I find things run pretty competently here. WTF, DHL!? YOU COMPLETELY SUCK.

Grump grump grump.


  1. Manufacturing in Germany is efficient. Engineering in Germany is precise. Public order is maintained meticulously. Service industries? Meh.

  2. That's one advantage of living in the sticks. If we're not home, DHL will either leave the package with our next door neighbor or put it in our shed. Nice, but doesn't make up for the disadvantage of having to drive 3 km to the nearest bakery if we want fresh Brötchen.

  3. They leave packages with the electricians' downstairs, but after I went on convalescence for three weeks, having my post forwarded, DHL put a card in my letterbox. When I got back three weeks later, the parcel had gone back to California. You may be able to avoid this!
    (It's difficult to comment here - Google or nothing...)

    MM, transblawg

  4. They will usually leave packages downstairs if someone lets them in. Of course if no one lets them in or a signature is required we need to pick up or get redelivery. If only redelivering worked!!

    Sorry about the comment problem, MM. I have it set to accept OpenID too. I unfortunately can't make it any more lax unless I allow anonymous commenting, which I don't really want to do.

  5. Don't even get me started on the postal services in Germany. I had many many many problems with them -- including a po box being closed without them notifying me (and therefore, magazine subscriptions cancelled, and 4 -- count em 4 -- packages returned to the US WITH postage due stickers on them for the return postage). DHL and Deutsche Post are prime examples of what is wrong with privatization. Other case in point: Deutsche Bahn. But I digress.

  6. So true. Not the the Post is all that much better. I had important stuff (my car title!!!) get lost in the mail. This never happended in the States.

  7. Of course they're incompetent. They're owned by Deutsche Post.


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