Saturday, September 11, 2010



When you go to the Apotheke (pharmacy) here, you usually get a little freebie thrown in with whatever you buy. The most common is a little pack of tissues like this one with an ad on it for the Apotheke or for something they sell. I got a kick out of this one. What the heck is "schneuz"? Is that the sound of blowing your nose? Or of a sneeze? Either way, it is nicely illustrated here.

Hi to everyone who is in Hamburg this weekend for the big expat meet-up! Wish we could be there this year!


  1. That is funny. I love how they give odd little gifts. I got a pack of lemon throat drops once and a sample of foot spray another time.

  2. Sorry, you don't know me but i like to read expate blogs.
    Sich schneuzen is an old-fashioned term for: to blow someone's nose. In this case it is used in the imperative mood. Do you think german tissues are hard and rough??? My US-gf doesn't like them at all...

  3. The German tissues are rougher. I have sensitive skin so if I get sick enough to need a LOT of tissues I switch to a secret stash of American tissues (Puffs ultra with aloe or something...). I do like that German tissues are much sturdier than American ones. If you're not gentle with American tissues you have a mess. For all other paper products - toilet paper, paper towels, etc - I think the German versions are nicer.

  4. The native is right.
    "Schneuzen" comes from "Schnauze" (Snout). In German a children`s mouth is called "Schnute" and a moustache is a "Schnäuzer" or a "Schnauzbart".

  5. Oh yeah, a pack of tissues, that's indeed common. Aren't they almost too generous to give away freebies with ads on it (mostly pharma-related and/or pharma-paid)? I once was so ‘grateful’ that I actually said something like: “Thank you so much. I just put this on top of my pile of 30 packs waiting at home.” Nodding thankfully, turning around swiftly, I might have made a pretty good dramatic exit.

    As to your question: The native is right. It's the imperative (there's even an exclamation mark) of ‘sich schn{e|ä}uzen,’ a bit archaic.

  6. I love that little schneuz dude! I got a pack of tissues just like that one from a local Apotheke.

    I don't find the German tissues rougher, necessarily, and I love how strong they are. The U.S. ones have gotten so soft and thin that they border on unusable for us.

    By the way, you guys were missed in Hamburg this weekend.

  7. Oh. I visited my local Apotheke last week for the first time and got totally overexcited that I got some free tissues with my nosespray. It was such an appropriate combination that I assumed they were just being nice, especially since the woman told me I sounded really verstopfed as she handed them over. More fool me... I should seen through the evil pharmacist and her heavily branded freebies!!


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