Saturday, July 03, 2010

What rivalry?

T here's an ad showing here for Altoids-esque mints called Fisherman's Friend. Their motto is something like, "If they're too strong, you're too weak." The ad uses imagery to convey the strong and weak parts of this - and the strong shows German soccer fans cheering, while the weak shows Dutch soccer fans moping in nearly-empty stands. Kind of sad. It plays off of a supposed rivalry/hate going on between the two.

Not to say that it doesn't exist at all, but it can't be so bad. Last night my husband was riding the Bahn (train) when the Netherlands defeated Brazil, and he reports that not only did they make an announcement on the train that the Dutch had eliminated Brazil, but that everyone was happy about it! (Me too - I've come to love how they've been quietly kicking ass all over the place while everyone has eyes only for South American teams.)

Germany's playing Argentina today. NERVOUS!!! :D

In other news, the trip had to be cancelled to the tune of some major money loss. In addition to not using ebookers, I don't recommend flying British Airways. They have some seriously draconian policies. More on that later, if I feel like getting all pity-party about it again. (Okay, so maybe you won't hear more on that later!!)


  1. Ooops, I should read ahead before I comment on old stuff. I'm sorry about the cancellation, especially that you had to take a financial hit. That's total crap.

    If you can find the inner strength, you should definitely share your tragic travel tale! You could end up drawing some attention from the offenders (BA, Ebookers). And everyone loves a good rant.

    Or maybe that's just me.

  2. Oh, the rivalry between Germany and the Netherlands is definitely there. Always has been.

    Not as strong as the rivalry with the UK or Italy, but it's there ;-)


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