Saturday, June 19, 2010

How Yesterday's World Cup Games Exemplified the National Personalities of the Favored Teams

As nicely summarized by a friend who has lived in Germany and the UK and is very familiar with US culture:

CN Heidelberg: i thought the games yesterday could be an interesting illustration of the differences between germans and americans
Awesome Friend: i think you said it right, including about england
Awesome Friend: americans are relentless and push themselves more
Awesome Friend: germans are not too good adjusting to obstacles
Awesome Friend: and the english are too complacent. they expect results based on sheer talent and reputation but do not really push themslves that hard


  1. The Americans were robbed! That ref had it in for them. They should have won that game.

  2. I agree with what the last commenter said ;-)

    Ok, seriously, cute observation. :-)


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