Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ebookers horror continues...

So, last episode we talked about how calling ebookers costs more than you would ever save by buying their insurance or using their site in general (instead of other travel sites).

It also turns out that to change a flight with them there is a 50 EUR change fee with ebookers on top of whatever the change fee of the airline is. AND it turns out British Airways' change fee is not the 30 EUR or so that I expected, but 75 EUR. So much for the 40 EUR worth of insurance covering anything. I feel really naive.

Unfortunately the possible need to change the itineraries that we thought might happen, DID happen. So, time to deal with all this! Turns out British Airways' customer service desk doesn't open until 9am! God forbid your flight is any earlier than that. We can't even do anything with the flight online like check in or see if we can change it, because the British Airways booking number that ebookers gave us DOESN'T WORK.

If I could go back I would never have booked this trip - but now friends there have arranged their schedule around it, so I have to figure something out other than cancelling. I HATE FLYING!


  1. so sorry the insurance/flight end of things is taking some of the fun out of your trip. hope it all sorts itself out.

  2. Have you considered taking your grievance to Twitter? I've heard people often get results that way.


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