Monday, June 21, 2010

Do not use sucks.

U sed them to book an upcoming trip that we know we might have to alter and got the 30 EUR insurance to cover up to 40 EUR of the change fees if we did have to alter it. That covers the usual change fee about exactly. Turns out, we have to alter the trip. But, we have to call ebookers to have it changed. And it costs 49 cents per minute to call the number from a cell phone. (We have no land line.)


We already spent 5 EUR on holding, waiting for them to pick up, and will spend more because we haven't gotten through yet. So, actually, we should have never bought the insurance and should have just paid the change fee to alter our tickets.



  1. I hate how German companies charge you up the ass to call them - even if you are calling to report something that they have done wrong (like, say, when our internet stops working). How ridiculous of a system is that?

    Thanks for the ebookers warning.

  2. Hey, a business model has to be based on something, even if it's a bald-faced rip-off.

    - ian in hamburg

  3. Did you see that aginst the desire of the minister in charge of consumer affairs(!!!), they have just put through a new law saying that we can't be charged before actually being connected to a real customer service person? No more being charged while in queue. As another commentator said, Germany has made a giant leap in consumer rights into the 1960's.I think the law is not effective for another year, though:(.
    Sorry about ebookers- I have used them in the past and had good results, but never tried to reach them directly.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. I have seen them before and been tempted to use them as their prices seem so cheap but now I know why! Not worth it to me!

  5. I had real horror story with them that left me out of $1200 that I needed to shell out for new ticket, due to their negligence. They refused to help, support is almost non-existent. If you are thinking about them, just don't do it. Skip them, plenty of agents that do a good job and won't screw up your trip.

    1. Well, they haven't gotten any better since 2012. I made the mistake of doing business with them and their spectacular incompetence cost me an extra 900$ plus a good amount of stress that I could certainly have done without.

      When I called the "customer care service" (for lack of a more suitable expression), the rep was simply useless and his only concern was to make sure that the call didn't escalate.

      The good news is that it doesn't have to happen to you. Just keep away unless you really want to travel poorer and angrier.


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