Sunday, March 21, 2010

Düsseldorf and Yeasayer

L ast month a friend of mine needed to make a trip to Düsseldorf to get a UK visa. It's three hours by train, which is a bit of a drag, so I took a day off to go with her and check out the town. (City. I guess it's kind of big.) I love that I have enough vacation time that it's possible to just do something like this! We didn't really have a lot of time there, and it was Ash Wednesday, right after the biggest party of the year - so it was very quiet and a bit messy. But, it was still nice to have a look at a town I might not otherwise get around to seeing.
Duesseldorf Feb 17
We walked by the canal-lined shopping street and to the center of town, marked by one block with an old Rathaus and tower and the riverfront. It looked like there was a huge Wiese on the other side of the Rhine which would be so nice in the summer! I was also impressed by how many Korean restaurants I saw. Heidelberg only has one, but I saw four or five just in a short walk around central Düsseldorf. We ate at one called Shilla. It was not bad, but the funniest part was that my friend ordered bibimbap, which you are supposed to stir after you get it. She didn't want to stir it and started eating it as it was. This so disturbed one of the older ladies working there that she came over to our table, took my friend's dish from her, and stirred it up herself!! The culinary adventure continued later when we discovered a Dunkin Donuts while waiting for the train. For some reason, they only seem to have branches in the northern parts of Germany. Our former home, Boston, has a Dunkin on every block, so I brought some home for my husband. I noticed they had a lot of really bizarre new flavors I never heard of, with ginger, peppercorns sprinkled on them, etc. Is this Germany only or in the US too?


Unrelatedly, I finally got my hands on the new Yeasayer album. (No thanks to EMusic Europe and Secretly Canadian, who apparently are not friends. So few labels are giving EMusic any love over here... come on guys, how about making it easy for me to pay for your music?) I am really amazed at how different it is from their previous album. Both sound like things I would listen to, but for completely different reasons. Even more oddly, the new album sounds more like how the band described themselves in old interviews from the time of the first album, so maybe this is closer to where they actually wanted to be in the first place. Do these sound like the same band to you?

Old Yeasayer:

#87.1 - YEASAYER - No need to worry / Redcave
Hochgeladen von lablogotheque. - Entdecke weitere Musik Videos.

New Yeasayer:

"O.N.E." by Yeasayer from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Also, I have googled all over to try to find out what is up with the big game on the Sephiroth thing that is going on in the second video. Maybe nothing is up with it and the directors just thought it looked cool. Anyway, I couldn't find anyone talking about it. So if you googled your way here because you're also wondering that, let me know if you figure it out. ;)


  1. i love that a lady came and stirred her food! when i've gotten that dish here in seattle it hasn't come to me stirred, though... weird.

  2. Oops. I reworded that sentence to make it less confusing. It shouldn't COME stirred, but you better stir it when you get it, or ELSE...;)

  3. Ginger and peppercorn on donuts? Did I read that right? I never saw that in the US o.O

    Hi! I'm an ex-pat who found my way here :)

  4. Welcome! :) So the freaky donuts may just be a German thing...interesting!


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