Sunday, February 28, 2010

Turn on the hockey game tonight

If you're in Germany, turn on Eurosport now to the US-Canada hockey game. There is a commentator with a truly unbelievable American or Canadian accent. I've never heard anything like it on TV, and actually, not much like it in person either. My German teacher would cringe. It's hard to believe someone can be so fluent in German and not adapt any of the pronunciation at all.


  1. "Doo browxt Fonic!"

    Of course, does that Bruce guy count as fluent?

    I would totally be up for the accent tasting, but I'd have to get out of bed, and this close to dreamytime might also screw me up for my work week more than I already am on Mondays. I need at least until Tuesday afternoon to get back into my best German language form, normally (anyone else?).

  2. I've found that to be the case with the ice hockey coaches. The disconnect between the accent and the ability to communicate is just mind boggling. It gives me hope. I think, "If he is willing to get on TV and talk like that . . ." - obviously someone who started as an adult. His talents lie elsewhere and that's what they're paying him for. (but it is funny.)

  3. I heard that guy for a few seconds last night. It must be the same guy who was the coach for the Hamburg Crocodiles a few years back, a Canadian who spoke fluent German with a perfect Canadian accent. He was horrible to listen to!

  4. I'm really torn on the accent. On the one hand, it's really difficult to understand so it's really painful. On the other, it's somehow just really fascinating and I find myself wishing I could listen to it again.

  5. I just about died laughing when I heard it.


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