Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Year's Eve / Silvester

*Found something in my drafts that I forgot to post!

T his year, we spent New Year's Eve (known here as Silvester for the saint, whose feast day is December 31) with a couple of friends here in Heidelberg. The bizarre highlight was something my husband found at the store called Bleigiessen.

The package contains a spoon and six hollow metal (lead?) shapes that are relevant to the holiday - a cork, a champagne bottle, etc. Each person takes one of the shapes and, using the spoon, melts it down over a candle.

After it melts, the metal is dropped into a container of water and solidifies into a shape. The shape it makes is supposed to tell your fortune for the upcoming year. The back of the package lists all kinds of cool shapes and what they are supposed to mean, but ours all came out about like this. A golf club? We'll play a lot of golf in 2010? A rag? A raindrop?

Still, it was kind of fun. Maybe there's a special art to getting it to make cool shapes?

Also, I seriously wonder if it's lead! It didn't say on the package! Ew.


  1. If there's an art to getting it to make cool shapes, nobody ever taught me. :) Apart from dumping it all at once into the water, that is (looks a bit like you poured rather slowly). But the shapes don't really get cool. It's more like how you see sheep or stuff in clouds.

    And yes, it's lead.

  2. This was the highlight of our Silvester with German friends as well. A fun concept but we also ended up with lots of blobs- not sure what that means for this year!


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