Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Schiltach (in the Schwarzwald)

As I mentioned in a post at the start of December, it's been not the best year ever over here at House Heidelbergerin. So, we decided to take a do-nothing vacation in the Black Forest after Christmas. This is a first for us! Normally our vacations are full of stuff we want to do and see, but the point of this one was just to have a change of scenery and relax.

We rented a car and got a room at Hotel Waldblick (do not click unless your tolerance for the disaster that is Adobe Flash is way higher than mine) in Schenkenzell, a tiny town in the Kinzig Valley near Schiltach. The hotel was really great - a nice bathroom (with tub, a major plus for my splint-wearing self), comfortable bed, really incredible service, and a restaurant that makes a mean Kaesespaetzle (it's not on the menu but just ask for it). Every time I go south I'm amazed at how friendly it is; it's like another planet, and Heidelberg really isn't all that unfriendly itself.

In retrospect the car may have been unnecessary since we did so little, but we were afraid of getting bored and feeling stuck in Schenkenzell with only a few trains coming through, so we got it anyway and we did put it to good use - more than what we could have done with only the train - it's just that we found out that most of the places we wandered to weren't really worth the trip.

On our first day there we wandered into Schiltach to check it out. The town's Marktplatz is up on a hill and if you enter from road below as we did, you climb a couple of flights of stairs to it from the road, and it makes for a really cool experience to see it for the first time. There are a lot of cute houses and, in the quarter along the river, a free museum in what used to be a sawmill. They also tanned leather in Schiltach and part of the museum is dedicated to tanning. It's small, but worth the free entry fee. :)

Schiltach + other Schwarzwald Dez 09

We also went to Gutach one day, thinking there must be something to see there other than their open air museum, which is closed in the winter. Turns out there isn't. On the way back we stopped in some other -ach-ending town for something that was marked on brown signs along the highway as a Glashuette. It turned out to be a glass museum and shop. We weren't interested in paying for the museum, but checked out the shop. All the glass crap you could never want. Otherwise, we didn't do much! Bad news followed us on the trip - on the second day, I got a phone call about a major tragedy in the family, worse than anything else that had yet happened in 2009.

I toasted the arrival of 2010 like no year ever before. GTFO, 2009.


In completely unrelated news, Damon managed to acquire DVDs of the first three seasons of The Muppet Show over the past 3 months so we've been going through them slowly. A couple of weeks ago we got to one of the best, the Elton John show. Since then one of my favorite Elton songs has been stuck in my head non-stop! So I am sharing it as seen on the Muppets. :)


  1. Your photos are amazing, and thanks for taking the time to tell about them! This was just an awesome trip as far as I am concerned and the little hotel is so cute! I like your toast and I'll do the same for this day forward!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your family news.

    On an unrelated note, thanks for the tips for the flying stuff tomorrow. After work, I'm going ot go buy one of those little books of crosswords. :)

  3. Yes, good riddance 2009. Seems to be a very common sentiment. The trip sounds nice but sorry it was affected by the news from home. Let's really hope this year is better.

    and oh the muppets! Nothing beat being able to see the Muppet Show on Sunday nights growing up. Good memories :-) Must be fun to watch now.


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