Friday, January 15, 2010

Or you could just WALK, you lazy POS!

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I love how the RNV website now lists walking as an alternative option to taking any of their buses or trams. They also remind you that it is free to walk! All against their own financial interest, so they clearly think we are lazy. :D


  1. That is hilarious!!!! I wonder how many people look at that with "indignation". :)

  2. what a really fantastic idea!

    It's a subtle way of pointing out to people that places are closer than they think.

    Actually, whenever I take the bus in Weimar, I'm always surprised to see people take it for one stop. In most cases, one stop is no more than a 5 minute walk (with some exceptions out in the hinterlands...)

  3. That is awesome. I love that they do that. A 19 minute walk isn't that bad We usually take the bus or the strass to the B-mark (it's quite a haul for us-about 3.5 miles) and I'm constantly amazed by how many people wait at the stops and only go one or two stops. WHAT? Old people and those with little kids I can understand, but just your average Joe Schmoe (what would that be in German? Hans Schmans?)? No. Use your legs and walk a few blocks.

  4. See, I would love that feature on our local transport authority's site. Or I would have when we first moved here. I know the bus system fairly well now, but there were many times early on that I would grab a bus ticket and take it only one stop, not realizing that the one stop was just around the friggin' corner.

    The walking suggestion might have gotten me to pick up a map more often and figure out how nearby things really were. And saved the money spent on a bus ticket and the feeling-like-a-moron for taking a 300 meter ride.

  5. It is pretty awesome from the perspective of someone visiting who might not realize how far apart the stops are. I've always messed that up when visiting a place and not realizing that things are actually close. For us, the site is always a giggle, like we are being reprimanded a little bit for trying to take the bus when we could walk. I love that they put something in the price column. It appears RNV's prices went up with the new year so I'm happy to walk when it doesn't really end up taking much longer! On weekends it's often faster even for long distances because of the schedules.

  6. Actually that €1.10 shown is even the "City Ticket" limited-area pricing (only available in the inner city of Heidelberg). They used to show the standard fare of 2.10.

    RNV already "offered" walking for a couple years btw - but only when it was faster than taking the tram, e.g. when the tram just left and the next one would only come by 30 minutes later in the evenings.

    19 minutes for Bismarckplatz - Betriebshof is a bit optimistic in my opinion.

  7. Maybe it's in response to google maps. In Chicago, and I assume elsewhere, you select between car/public transit/ walk.


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