Saturday, December 05, 2009

Best of 2009: Night Out

I'm ashamed to admit I skipped best book yesterday because I don't recall having read a complete book all year. As a kid I read everything like a maniac. All reading contests were won by me. College changed everything and completely burned me out on reading. Even for me, 2009 was a bad reading year, though. I haven't totally given it up, but this year I don't remember anything that I read in its entirety.

I did manage to spend plenty of time with friends, though, so I can do today's. Tomorrow's is best workshop or conference or something. Sounds work-related to me, so forget it. ;)

Best Night Out: Cheap-ass hotel in Colmar, France
Runner-up: They are showing Eurovision after all in Tobermory, Scotland

In Colmar, we went with three friends to a winery in late afternoon and did a wine tasting with the intention to buy lots of wine and drink it that night. We were driving, so our venue was to be somewhere at our cheap-ass hotel out in a horrible industrial/shopping district. We got slightly toasted at the tasting, had a nice supper, then returned to the hotel. There was a restaurant terrace there and they let us sit outside even though we had no intention of ordering anything, and they even chilled our wines and opened them for us. So, we sat out there all night having a generally nice time. :)

In Tobermory, the awesomeness was simply that they were showing Eurovision at the local bar. My friends had never heard of it and I kept saying maybe we could find a bar showing it because I'm kind of addicted now, and they just laughed it off, because why would they be showing something like that?? Well, they were!! And everybody was watching! Combined with a post-vindaloo spicy food high, the night was pretty cool.


  1. Honeypiehorse, do you read TQE ( He will start talking about Eurovision 2010 soon. :)

  2. Hi, Just wanted to stop in and introduced myself. I am stationed here in Heidelberg too and enjoy your blogs!


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