Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Best of 2009: Blog Find

Blog find was yesterday's topic, but since today's is moment of peace, and I think my biggest moment of peace for 2009 is still to come, I'll catch up a little here. This category isn't for the best new blog of the year - just the best one that is new to you. I think I discovered these blogs within 2009!

Best Blog Find: Doctor Grumpy in the House
Runner-up: Sprite Stitch

Not sure where I came upon these two. Dr. Grumpy, a neurologist working mostly in outpatient practice, comes up with something laugh-out-loud-worthy at his job nearly every day and often several times per day. It's made me want to tune in to more medical blogs - but I know I don't have the hours to spend getting sucked into them!

Sprite Stitch showcases craft projects mostly using 8-bit video game characters - the perfect subjects for mediums like cross stitch, needlepoint, those little round plastic things, beading, quilting, etc! It's amazing how video games have filtered through culture to even these media. Very cool.

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