Thursday, December 03, 2009

Best of 2009: Article

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This one was a bit harder. I read a lot of articles, and have so many bookmarked now that it would take me hours to go through them to figure out which ones are from this year and then find a favorite. I skimmed through all the links I posted on Facebook this year, but most are on small political or public health topics and aren't on big things that would befit a 'best' article. I found one that was a bit more broad.

Best Article: "Open Your Minds, America" - Rudy Ruiz, CNN

This is just a commentary on the American political climate, where everyone now just reads biased articles on his or her biased internet news source of choice and buys the party line. It's dull, depressing, dangerous.

For fun, more of a news story than an article, I nominate these dopes from Carroll as a runner-up, only because I grew up very close to there and damn, it's funny.

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  1. Cass Sunstein wrote a really interesting book on this called "". He argues that only reading like-minded news and only associating with like-minded people makes one's views more and more extreme.


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