Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best of 2009: Album of the Year (or: The Music Post, 2009)

Today's best of 2009 prompt is Album of the Year. Who can have just one? I decided to just make this into my yearly self-indulgent music post, wherein I put up some youtube links of my favorite songs that came out in 2009. (So far. I just discovered a 2006 album yesterday that I can't stop listening to. My exposure to 2009's music is certainly not over.) I'll try to stick with one song per artist.

Animal Collective go on about providing for family in "My Girls." It reminds me of my dad because he had only daughters. :) Breakfast at Sulimay's hates it.

Other good tracks from Animal Collective this year: "Summertime Clothes" - "Brother Sport" - "Bluish" - "Lion in a Coma" - "Graze" - "What Would I Want? Sky"

There was new Dan Deacon this year! You may remember me posting his stuff before. It is not for everybody. Definitely weirder than the previous song. I'm not sure about the title of this song. I downloaded it from emusic and it gave the title of this track as "Red F" - but it was floating around the internet before the album release as "Build Voice":

Also worthwhile and even less for everybody: "Woof Woof" - "Wet Wings" - "Jack & Jill" - "Snookered"

A huge favorite of mine, Beirut, also had an album in 2009! This time he recorded with a small-town Mexican band. I didn't like it as much as his two previous albums, but it has some nice tracks, including "The Shrew":

Also check out: "The Akara"

This one I'm a little confused about. I'm not sure if the album was actually released in 2008 or 2009. Let's say 2009 for the purpose of this post. :) This song is super-catchy and accessible - The Bird and the Bee, "Love Letter to Japan":

The Bird & The Bee - Love Letter To Japan

the bird and the bee | MySpace Musikvideos

A couple more addictive tracks from the album: "My Love" - "Diamond Dave"

Now for something instrumental. I'm teetering on the scary edge of new age here - I don't know why, but the song is somehow very compelling. Weather geeks should watch this just for the video. But maybe not if you're seizure-prone. This is the Bell Orchestre - "Stripes":

I almost didn't post this one because I really don't like the video. Maybe you will, but you've been warned. I love the vocals. This is Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks":

Also good on this album: "While You Wait for the Others" - "Foreground"

Would you like to hear someone channeling Abba? Music Go Music - "Light of Love"

Telefon Tel Aviv had a great album this year. I never really got into their previous stuff. This album I listened to over and over and it's hard to pick a track to highlight. Here's "Helen of Troy":

Also check out "Immolate Yourself" - "Mostly Translucent" - "Stay Away from Being Maybe"

I'm pretty sure I posted this one before, too. I should save my videos for the end of the year. "Family Galaxy" - Tim Exile

Also good: "Pay Tomorrow"

Can't go without posting my favorite Iowa musician! "Mutiny" - William Elliott Whitmore

Also good: "Old Devils" - "Hard Times"

There's more, but I think that's enough to bore anyone already. Until next year!

P.S. Can someone explain copyright laws to me? I'd be a rich woman if I got a dime every time I couldn't watch a video or legally download a song "in my country" because of copyright regulations.


    i am going to listen to these songs allll day.

  2. Mrs. 1976 got me into Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear because she heard it in a French car commercial on German TV. Had to search around YouTube to get to it a bit, but I'm glad we did. I like the shades of Beach Boys harmonies in there (like Good Vibrations, but sad). And how about the lead vocals on that one? Don't they sound like Jens Lekman?

    On a similar vocal note (to Grizzly Bear) what about Fleet Foxes? Don't you dig the modern-day CSN(Y)ness?

  3. Sara: I hope we can meet on Skype this weekend - Dan's going to be in town though so I'm not sure!!

    Cliff: Hmm, I am a fan of Jens but I don't like his vocals as much as the Grizzly Bear Guy. (I like them a lot. Just not as much.) I love Fleet Foxes but they took a long time to grow on me, like folk always does. I don't have as much of their stuff because stupid emusic only has one EP. (I'm getting annoyed with them - as soon as a group gets famous, even if they stay on the same label, emusic doesn't carry their newer stuff!) I think I posted one of their songs, "Mykonos", as a favorite for a previous year.

  4. I always love you music posts.
    Simply because for one our taste in music is apparently highly compatible, and (more importantly) even though I consider myself pretty well-versed in the realm of music, you still come up with stuff I've never heard of.
    You reall ygot me hooked on The Bird & The Bee. Thanks for that :)

    (Btw: have you seen the 'live performance' videos Beirut did for The Flying Club Cup? ->

    As for the "not for your country" stuff: You can thank GEMA (the German equivalent to ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) for that. They demanded loads of money from YouTube, so YouTube just blocks all the videos. Thanks a lot. (Article here (g):,1518,616605,00.html)

  5. Hey Mo, I am so glad when someone finds something they like in these! Awesome! I also went through your old music posts for tips and added you on I've seen a few of those Beirut videos because I am a huge fan of Blogotheque and I think they were inspired by that. The restrictions in Germany - man that sucks. It is also a problem for downloading from emusic. I really wish they would get it together. When people can't find a legal download, buying it in a store legally is often not their first alternative....

  6. Oooooh, thanks for this. I seriously look forward to your music posts! We actually have the Grizzly Bear (from the commercial), and I'd heard of the Bird & the Bee before, but that song is teh awesome. I also heard 'My Girls' on NPR's All Songs Considered once and loved it, but I forgot all about until I played it here. So thanks for the reminder!

  7. Sarah: You guys have reminded me of a good reason to not hate on ads that use songs I like. :) (I worry about associating something I like with a product. But since I don't watch TV much now it's less of a concern.)


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