Thursday, October 01, 2009

Two things I have to say

1. I love fall.

2. I have having a serious problem right now with over-romanticizing Ireland. I see a damn map of Ireland and feel all choked up that I will never live there. What is the cure for this problem?


  1. no just have to go!
    our trip this summer was the trip of a lifetime!!

  2. We were there a year ago this week and I was pleasantly reminded of this fact by's time capsule feature.

    Check it out if you use flickr.

    Here're two I got in my mail today:

    And here're my favorite two from that trip:

  3. i suspect there is no real cure for a desire to vacation there (my husband has been 7x and wants to go again, this time with me). but for LIVING there a damper could be cost of living.

    I've just become friends with a girl from Cork and everywhere we go she says, "WOW, Germany is so cheap!" Avg pints at a local Irish pub are the same or more as a liter at Octoberfest here. Getting a wash/style/dry (no color) averages at 160 Euros. The list goes on. I think a vacay is in order, but until we win the lottery I doubt I'd ever live there!

  4. Mmmmmm.....Ireland. I romanticize it too. Dh has been and many, many, many of my friends have, but I have not. I am though. I'm determined. Did you know there are days when you can fly to or from Hahn to Dublin and only pay the tax? That's 16 Euro! On Oct 18 you can fly to Dublin for 40.28 including taxes and fees and fly back on Oct 21 for 16 Euro. That's 56 Euro round trip per person! Oh man, now *I* want to book a ticket! :)

  5. Let me know too. I've the same issue with Switzerland!

  6. The Cure? Move to Ireland, of course. You will either love it or hate it, but truth is, it is becoming more affordble nowadays. Of course the next question is, can you get a visa. Question after that is, How will you support yourselves.

    Sorry to bring reality into the picture.


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