Friday, October 23, 2009

AmiExpat's Kaninchen mit Pilzen (Rabbit with Mushrooms) Challenge!

Sorry to be a little late on Monday's recipe!! We decided to take the plunge and try AmiExpat's rabbit recipe. I never had rabbit before, but I'm a huge fan of Pfifferlinge (chanterelles) and we decided to take on this adventure. Well, more like, Damon agreed to deal with the rabbit parts because I can't stand raw meat and would probably still be a vegetarian if I had to do all the cooking myself.

We got the rabbit from the farmer's market in Neuenheim. It was fresh, skinned, with the liver left in and the head left on. Yes, I am a pansy who finds having an animal head in the house kind of weird. It went first and was in the trash can until this whole procedure was over and we took it out, but thankfully Damon sort of buried it in there so I never had to see it while I was throwing other stuff away. Whew!! In the photo you can see Damon peering into the innards to check it out. He looks like a hunchback because our counter is so low. (Also, our cupboards are too high. Somebody very odd designed our kitchen.)

The recipe said to cut up the liver into small pieces if it was present, and it was, but then it never said what to do with the liver. We assumed it meant to cook the liver along with the rest of the rabbit meat, so we did that. Damon had to look online to find out how to cut up a rabbit. Lots of gruesome scenes in the kitchen trying to get through the sinewy bits and take it apart.

Everything else was relatively easy after the rabbit was disassembled. We served the rabbit with pre-made spaetzle (the fancy kind, but dried nonetheless) to Damon's parents, who had just arrived from the US a mere hour or two before! Everyone liked it - they even said later in our vacation that it was probably the best meal they had here, better than any of the restaurant food we had. Flatterers!

Here are the rabbity songs mentioned in the previous post!

(last 30 seconds of video potentially disturbing)

Damon prefers this one:


  1. Meh, it was fine. I'm not a huge fan of liver, even if only because I think too much about what the function of a liver is instead of just eating it.


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