Sunday, September 20, 2009

Germany Is Not Spain

I can't really put my finger on it, but trust me.
Blowing up shit here, or threatening to, is not going to put the far left in power.
(Actually, don't studies show that people vote more conservatively under threat? Or does that only work on Americans? It certainly makes me think more conservatively.)
I don't really believe terrorists think their threats will change things. (Or are they really that stupid and childish?) They just want to be able to blame the victim for whatever they end up doing out of sheer hate and bloodthirstiness.


  1. ”Blowing up shit here, or threatening to, is not going to put the far left in power.”

    I agree, it won't (as far as I can tell)!

  2. Well, Merkel lost a whole bunch of votes the past week. That's at least what the media said. Many don't agree with us being in Afghanistan so it might actually be the lefties that win this time. I know what I am voting that's for sure ;)

  3. Funny, I always think of terrorists as the far right. . .

  4. I suspect a lot of the locals actually think that bad things won't happen here. I was here in the 1980's when a number of terrorist bombs were going off, and all of that seems to have been conveniently forgotten. Yes, those were largely 'home grown', but some were sponsored by external forces. It is nice to know that the security forces are on their toes, because the people are somewhat in denial.


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