Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wernigerode made our list of central/northern Germany travel ideas because Dixie Peach posted a picture of it that never left my mind. I hadn't heard of it before then. When we were looking over the map, we noticed it was just across the border into Sachsen-Anhalt, one of only two German states we hadn't visited yet, so that added a little additional attraction. It was a little over an hour to drive there from Hann Münden - there was a lot of road work on the way.

We found parking in a garage and our first experience in Wernigerode was to wander from the garage into a hideous, crappy mall. Ew! But, looking around, I was happy to be across the former west/east border again, because people tend to be dressed more casually in the east so I feel like less of a frump in all my 3-4-year-old clothes. (Any spare money goes to travel now. MUST TRAVEL before possibly being isolated and trapped in the US with no vacation time.....)

The mall was forgotten when we arrived in the very adorable Altstadt. Like Hann Münden, it's full of half timber buildings, but the style is different. Most of the timbers are at 90 degree angles and filled with bricks which are painted or left exposed rather than covered over with mortar or stucco. It makes for an entirely different look from the half timber we have seen in most places we've been. The Rathaus is probably the cutest one in the world.

Wernigerode Aug 09

It was about time for lunch so we started looking around at menus. Everything in the tourist center seemed a bit jacked up and we wanted to spend a little less, knowing that our itinerary included some really expensive places in the next few days. We wandered behind the Rathaus a bit until we found a place called Pizza Box where the pizza prices were about half of what they were only a block away!! Yay! They messed up the order and the pizza wasn't the best, but we were fine with it for the great prices.

I thought it was even prettier than Hann Münden, although Damon disagreed. I was also in a good mood because I found a shop selling embroidery supplies and there is apparently no equivalent in Heidelberg (except the Kaufhof selling a few colors of floss), which is a much bigger town. How is it that HD is so big but never seems to have what I am looking for?


  1. Mmm, try some of the specialized stores in Weststadt for embroidery stuff. Stoffe Lott in Rohrbacherstr might have something for you.

  2. Yay Sachsen-Anhalt! I don't think I've even heard the name Wernigerode since moving out of its Bundesland 9 years ago. I'm happy to see it getting some good press. :)

  3. Kato: Thanks, I will take a look! At the Pfaff shop they could only recommend Kaufhof.

    Jul: It's really a sweet town! :)


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