Monday, August 24, 2009


Our original plan for this trip had been to visit at least Hildesheim on the first day. At some point I'd gotten it into my head that there was some significance to Hildesheim, which by the time of the trip I could no longer remember for certain, and the guide book wasn't helping. (Note: later looked it up and I'm pretty sure it was because its cathedral has UNESCO status.)

But on the way to Wernigerode we were distracted by some of these really common brown signs at the sign of the road advertising nearby places of interest. They advertised the town of Goslar, another UNESCO World Heritage site that we'd never even heard of, and we were intrigued. As we left Wernigerode, we realized we only had time for one more destination that day. Our hotel that night was way up past Celle, so we wouldn't be coming down this way again. It had to be either Goslar or Hildesheim. I could no longer remember what drew me to Hildesheim, and the Green Guide made Goslar sound slightly better, plus it was closer. Goslar it was.

Goslar is, like Wernigerode, located on the north side of the Harz Mountains, but neither town feels like a mountain town because they are on the fringe. Goslar gained its glory through mining in the Harz. The mine there (now all out of ore and closed) and the area of the Altstadt have UNESCO status. The mine is outside town and we didn't have time to go, but we did get to have a look around the Altstadt.

Goslar Aug 09

We found free parking somewhere on the fringe of the Altstadt and wandered in. Goslar's houses (lots more half timber) have some special features - the wood is often carved with interesting half-circle designs, the kind I like to doodle at work when I need to clear my mind, so they were right up my alley. There are also many buildings covered in slate tiles! I wonder how often they have to replace those. There are some examples in the photos. The Marktplatz is enormous, and a smaller nearby Platz, the Schuhhof, is full of Eis cafes (ice cream shops) and places to sit. It was just an incredibly pleasant little place to be. I'm sorry we missed Hildesheim but definitely don't regret stopping in Goslar.


  1. Thanks for writing about Goslar. That's the town my dad is from but I haven't been there since I was a kid and don't remember it very well, so it was nice to see your pictures. :)

    god i love it.
    ...want... to come back... to germany!!

  3. Bella, it's really nice for an afternoon, you should stop by sometime. :)

    Sara, you are always welcome!!


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