Monday, August 10, 2009

Do I Miss Horrific Storms?


I shouldn't. This one was really terrible by all accounts from back home.

But.... kind of.


  1. I spent waaaayyyy too many nights in Kansas listening to the weather alarm go off every ten minutes as a "Mother Nature is Pissed Off" storm would come our way. No, I don't miss rounding up animals into shelters as golf ball size hail is pummeling everything in sight. No, I don't miss picking up tree bits for weeks after a wind storm which blew over semi trucks on the highway came through town. And NO I don't miss watching the clouds overhead lazily circle around and around in preparation for the BIG MESS! I really don't miss that. What I do miss is Greensburg, Kansas which was wiped off the map by one of Mother Nature's tantrums.
    But hey, would it hurt to have a nice, simple lightning storm once in a while?

  2. Of course I don't think that damages are awesome. I think you caught my drift, though, Snooker...that the weather here is just so mild, you rarely get to bear witness to nature showing that it is badass...which I do sort of miss. Our biggest excitement is some wind from an Orkan here and there, or maybe 1 bolt of lightning that sounds like it was on top of one of the hills.

  3. Oh I totally got your meaning. But when I look back at the nasty weather I have trouble remembering all the time spent enjoying just watching a storm build and unleash its fury. Now when I look back I can only think of wind and tornado damage and all of the lost lives.

    The Germans freak every time the wind blows a bit here... they run for their basements (a slight exaggeration, but not completely) when they hear lightning... and a tornado in a nearby town, forget about it!

  4. If the clouds aren't sicklish green and swirling above you, why worry?

  5. CN,

    Like you, I'm from Iowa, and I've lived in Germany a couple times. There is no comparison with respect to weather. In Iowa you get King Weather, which is, like you say, just a badass. The thunderstorms are fantastic and when the skies turn dark in the middle of the afternoon and you get that Wizard of Oz feeling, you know that the value of your life has just gone up a few notches.

    Now, for farmers, King Weather can be a sweetheart or a total bitch. Just a couple weeks ago a farmer outside my hometown of Dyersville lost his entire crop -- worth around half a million dollars -- in about twenty minutes. How? The golf-ball sized hail Snooker mentioned hit his farmland -- and pretty much only his land in the area. See what I mean? Total bitch. But when she's a sweetheart, the feed corn grows high and the soybeans are plentiful.

    I also remember when I was living in San Francisco -- where, like Germany, the weather is wimpish -- and talking to a native Californian about the time he had spent in Baltimore. When I asked him what he missed, he said with a gleam in his eye, "The thunderstorms."

    I haven't mentioned, of course, the tornadoes, blizzards, floods, or other nasty tools that King Weather uses for entertainment and variety.



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