Monday, August 24, 2009


Our hotel for the night was near Hermannsburg, north of Celle. The GPS directed us all the way there from Goslar without going onto the Autobahn. All the roads in the area are lined with trees!! It's really beautiful, but I couldn't help noticing all the roadside memorials to people who died in car accidents. Are the trees dangerous too, or is the area just really activist about marking these to remind people to drive carefully?

As we were puttering down one of these roads at the same speed as all the other drivers, we think we were flashed by one of these camera things that picks up speeders. Argh!!! The camera takes your picture as you speed and then sends it to you to confirm that you were driving. Then the driver has to pay. I hope we were just imagining... Also, uh, I hope I don't look really stupid in the photo.

We stayed at Hotel Zur Alten Fuhrmanns-Schänke near Hermannsburg to save money over the price of a room in Celle. What I didn't realize when booking is that it's out in the woods! Our room was in an adorable little four-room building on the second floor, and it had slanty ceilings! (Also, soap included, unlike the previous night.) The hotel has its own restaurant which is kind of expensive (for cheapskates like us anyway, plus the saving up for later destinations as I mentioned in the Wernigerode post). A dilemma ensued. Eat at the expensive restaurant so we didn't have to get back in the car and find something in a town to eat? Or go look for something cheaper in the car? Staying put won out. We just didn't know what else we could find nearby or what the prices would be. The food I had was actually really good (but it stated it was vegetarian and contained bacon so beware if you're a vegetarian - but you probably already know that if you've tried to eat vegetarian in Germany before). Damon, alas, ordered the Menü (a pre-set three-course thing you can usually get at a German restaurant), which was a little absurdly potato-heavy!! It was potato soup, followed by a plate of boiled potatoes with some sweet sour-cream-and-cucumber-based sauce, with Rote Grütze for dessert. He has sworn off boiled potatoes for the foreseeable future. The service at the hotel and restaurant were both consistently not very good. They seemed to be really disorganized. But at check-out, the woman was really great. She gave us a free map of Celle, too. And the breakfast included with the room was really impressive!! The room was full of retirees enjoying Sekt (champagne) with their breakfast and having a great time. Man, I want to retire in Germany.

So, Celle. We were iffy on whether to stop there or not, but since it was so close, we decided to go for it, with a slight detour on the way to wander into some Heide looking for blooming heather. We really found it - see the photos!!

Celle Aug 09

Celle was a lot like Hann Münden - tons of half-timber houses with chain stores on the first level. It was packed with Saturday shoppers. I think at this point we were starting to burn out a little on this whole thing - it was hard to top Wernigerode and Goslar's buildings, and parking was a headache, so we left feeling pretty neutral about Celle.


  1. Seems you missed WIETZE, about 10 km off Celle. Spent many summers there when I was in the 5-8 year-old range.

    Its claim to fame: OIL!! No kidding! I even remember seeing the left-over drilling rigs back in the days.

  2. Hold on, Wernigerode, Goslar, Celle.. this is starting to get creepy. A couple more days in this direction and you're going to end up on my doorstep! (We live just outside the Nationalpark Lüneburger Heide...)

  3. Papi, we did miss it, but I remember seeing an oil pump somewhere and was really surprised! I wish I could remember where that was. We were driving and I missed it with the camera.

    PapaScott, we wanted to stop by to eat at your McDonald's but I forgot to bring the address/directions with me! We tried putting McDonald's in the GPS but there were zillions of them and we had no idea which one it could be.

  4. Mmmmmm potatoes. Note: will also retire w/ Heidelbergerin in Germany.


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