Saturday, July 04, 2009

Tidbits for the weekend

* Happy 4th of July!

* Okay, I've been holding back for a week and a half now but I can't anymore. I gotta complain about it. It's too humid!!! Please stop with the humidity already!! Our bathroom fan broke a few weeks ago and in our cavelike, ventilation- and airflow-free apartment, this is the worst possible weather in which to not have a fan in the clothes-washing/showering/pooping room. Seriously, there is NO movement of air in here. We have one window and one door to the outside, and they're right next to each other. The bathroom is nowhere near them. MIEF. Everything in here is sticky and disgusting, laundry is piling up like mad because everything has to be washed more often and it's not drying fast enough on the line, all food has to be in our tiny fridge or it will rot quickly, mildew builds up in the bathroom faster than you can clean it, etc. The temperatures aren't even that hot, really.

* The $ key is easier to find and type on the German keyboard than the € key. You have to use a special shift called "Alt Gr" which is used less often than regular shift (which is what you need to get the $).

* Last night we were at a big party where the DJ went way off course, first skipping around a few not-too-danceable hip-hop songs before going into a 25-minute streak of only Latin music, follwed by AC/DC's "Thunderstruck", followed by one of my least favorite songs from high school, the completely undanceable Counting Crows with "Mr. Jones". This is possibly the most bizarre string of music together ever, and I have to say, the dancefloor was suffering for it. :/ He tried to revive it next with "Billie Jean", but too late, buddy!!! But could this be totally cultural? Maybe "Mr. Jones" is a totally iconic party song in Germany.

* Check out - it's awesome.


  1. Oh man, I feel you on the bad-airflow-bathroom. And we have a Flachspüler as well. This is our first summer in this apartment, so I'm not sure how much worse it can get. Just sucks that my parents are arriving next week for a visit (at least we're only spending about a week altogether in Regensburg).

  2. We have the same kind of toilet as you guys. :( Good luck with your parents!!! My guests totally fear our toilet! ;)

  3. Happy 4th of July!

    Ahh, the humidity. That's one thing I could never get used to here. Luckily our house is pretty cool inside (AND we have Tiefspüler!), but walking around outside is just torture these days.

  4. Dude, is super awesome !!!

  5. We must be babies when it comes to this weather even though we're Texans. We already had 1 portable ac, but the past week or so's humidity and temperatures prompted us to buy a second one on Wednesday. In our defense, they are only sting enough to each cool one room.

  6. Go ahead and get the tower fans at Bauhaus. They are less than 20€ each and we get by with two- one upstairs and 1 down. I really miss ceiling fans, but they help.

  7. The humidity has been pretty crappy lately. Luckily, with the set-up of our apartment, we can get pretty decent air-flow through the house, so that helps out a lot. I do miss ac and ceiling fans though. I've gotten used to it, and when my German friends whine about the humidity here, I have to chuckle inside, since in Houston it is about 1 billion times worse. But, without ac, it is starting to affect me too.

    Oh, and about the whole toilet thing, that was one of the criteria for when we were looking for an apartment...NO FLACHSPUELER! I have to give kudos to Sarah and Cliff for surviving one thus far though!


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