Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crotch shot in Die Zeit

We've just come back from a short trip to Cologne/Koeln and Aachen! More on that soon. Damon picked up Die Zeit, a big newspaper, for the train ride home. On the cover of one of the sections was a huge photo of shaven lady-bits. Whoa, nelly! That's not something you'd see in an American newspaper. At first my inner American was having some objections to the photo, but as I went over them in my head and tried to hold them up to the light, I didn't think I could really defend any of those objections. At any rate, it was attention-getting. I doubt Damon would have really noticed the article (which addressed this practice as yet another beauty standard everyone has to deal with, plus some other stuff - I only read a bit over his shoulder) if it had some kind of chick-lit-style illustration to go with it instead of that particular photo. Instead he didn't just notice it, but he read it.


  1. Unless you can show me an article in a general news mag that shows me man bits, shaven or not, I'll put it down to the sexism that I find rampant here in Europe.Just showing naked women doesn't mean anything except that it is more acceptable to exploit women to sell things.

  2. You're talking most likely about this article, right?

    Don't worry, no crotch shots were posted online. :)

    You have to wonder who was photo editing the print edition that day. The accompanying photo in the online story is perfectly adequate illustration. Just as you don't need to show a headless corpse and dismembered limbs to report on a suicide bombing, you don't need to publish a crotch shot to talk about shaving pubes. It's totally gratuitous.

  3. G: On the 2nd page of the article there were photos of a naked male and a naked female - maybe taken from that teenage magazine that does that feature every month. (Can't remember the name.) But a naked man-crotch isn't as relevant here as it's generally women who are held to these kinds of standards.

    Ian: That's the one! The shot online did work well, I think. But I wonder how much of a big deal a crotch shot really is in a country that doesn't seem to have any qualms about nudity.

  4. Perhaps I am poorly read here (it is possible), but it seems that in magazines, papers, TV shows, what I see is lots of female nudity used to sell product. If there's male nudity (and you are seeing it), I think there's an awful lot less of it and it's a lot less obtrusive. Perhaps others have a different opinion or take on the incidence of using sex to sell product and gender ratios?

  5. G: I definitely don't argue that women aren't used to sell stuff. But, I don't think in this article, male nudity could have replaced female nudity because the point was the standards females face.

  6. Hey- this person says what I emant better than I did:

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