Sunday, June 07, 2009

We can vote!


Or, I should say, we could have. Election Day was today. (A Sunday, so most people aren't left out of voting because of work.)

A month or two ago we got brochures in the mail along with some kind of voting card. The brochures were about voting and I figured they had just made a mistake in sending them to us, since we're not German. Then I realized the brochure was in three languages - German, English, and Turkish - so it couldn't just be for Germans.

It turns out that Heidelberg has a Foreigners' Council, which can advise city council and organize various intercultural things, and the members of the council are voted on by Heidelberg residents who are not citizens of an EU country. Pretty cool, eh?

We didn't vote, though. I think this is the first time I've been eligible to vote for something and didn't do it. The council is a cool idea, it just didn't seem like anything influential enough for me to do all the research about in time to vote. I never heard of this council before now, and certainly don't know anything about who's running. Still, it's great that there is such a thing and they can be chosen by actual foreigners.


  1. If you are still in Germany next time, look into it and use your voice and vote. If it wasn't influential there would not be such a thing as the council.

  2. Interesting, I will have to look into it for Berlin.

  3. How cool that such a thing exists. I want to vote for something in Germany!

  4. It is definitely very cool. Influence-wise, though, I took it as a bad sign that as a foreigner in Heidelberg I had never heard a peep about them in 2.5 years of living here, until I got the voting brochure.

  5. Most foreigners thought like you - turnout was 5.9% in the end (lol).

    Result is always the same anyway. There's one party representing Turks (MHD), one representing Turkish students (DtS), one representing South Americans (AL) and a general one for immigrants (HIL, Heidelberg International List) that always gets like 50% anyway.


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