Monday, June 29, 2009

AmiExpat's Bickbeerpfannkuchen Challenge!

This weekend we had the time to remember to try to get back on the wagon for AmiExpat's next recipe challenge, Bickbeerpfannkuchen, or, as she translated it, bilberry pancakes.

First off, I have never heard or seen the term Bickbeere before. I have only known this berry as Heidelbeere. And to add to the berry fun, I have never heard the term bilberry before either! I only have called them huckleberries. (According to, I might be wrong in doing that.) Either way, we didn't find any, and made this recipe with regular old blueberries instead.

Damon enjoys making pancakes and charged forward with the whole project before I even knew what was going on. Apparently it was quite easy, with the exception of beating the egg whites by hand, but we're getting used to these recipes always requiring serious mixing action. The only screw-up is that he was too gung-ho to read carefully and mixed the berries in with the batter, instead of adding them only after putting the batter in the pan. I doubt this made too much difference, but it did take a little bit of the fun away, as that was about the only thing unusual about this recipe.

They were good - pretty much the same as any good fruit pancake recipe - nice and fluffy. The powdered sugar was a good touch, to keep it from being too boring. Nothing groundbreaking, but simple and tasty.


  1. Based on my experience, Damon did the right thing.

  2. Arashi: It sounded like it from reading your experience and also Stephanie's!


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