Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eurovision 2009!

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**Now edited to add some videos!! Yay!**

Well, I will probably miss the Eurovision final this year. How could I possibly schedule a vacation over Eurovision weekend!? I clearly was not thinking! We watched the first semi-final tonight as sort of a consolation prize. This is all thanks to Adam, without whom I probably would have never even realized it was happening this week. (I also forgot my oldest friend's birthday this week. My mind is toast. Do I blame the upcoming vacation? Age? The new job? All the damn Zyrtec I've been taking?)

Anyway, I love the big European bonding moment and all the drama and goofiness that is Eurovision. I didn't really prepare to take notes or anything tonight but here's what I remember of the acts in the first semifinal! Asterisks for those that made it to the final.

1. Montenegro - Kind of a dancy thing. The lyrics were too repetitive for even me, and my love of repetitive music is a joke among some of my friends!

2. Czech Republic - This guy was dressed in a superhero outfit and I thought it would be bad in a good way, but it was unfortunately only plain old bad.

3. Belgium - Bad Elvis impersonator. Ugh!

4. Belarus - Yessss!! The totally horrible cheesy drama that makes Eurovision so awesome. There was a guy standing on a pedestal holding two big sticks, and a big sheet was covering him and blowing back in a wind machine with some fire and stuff projected on it. I wish I could describe it better, it was so ridiculously dramatic. The white-suited singer looked a bit skeezy. Too bad they didn't make it to the final so everyone could enjoy the madness.

5. Sweden* - Opera singing over disco with blinding white lights (Damon liked them, I didn't). It alllllmost worked for me, but not quite.

6. Armenia* - At first it seemed kind of boring, but ended up being a decent one of those standard Eurovision ethno-dance tunes. I might even listen to it myself.

7. Andorra - To me, it sounded like very American radio fodder. I wonder how many musicians there are in Andorra. It's tiny!!

8. Switzerland - A completely unmemorable rock band. I don't think rock works well on this show.

9. Turkey* - This was a pretty decent ethno-dance thing too. They always do well, even if they're not very good.

10. Israel* - This was just blah. Can't believe it made it to the final!!

11. Bulgaria - OMG! Dancers on stilts that look like peg legs!! It would be a great spectacle, but the singer was just painful to listen to. Very bad.

12. Iceland* - This was a boring girly number, but it turned hilarious when this ultra-kitschy - not the good kind of kitsch - Lisa-Frank-esque dolphin arced across the big screen. NICE!

Soaring dolphin at 1:53:

13. Macedonia - Rock band warped in from 1989!!

14. Romania* - Brilliant lyrics from a Mariah Carey lookalike: "Balkan girls like to party like to party like nobody." Bleh.

15. Finland* - This song was okay overall but it had some rap sections that just didn't fit with the rest of the song and were terrible. But, the show included cool fire sticks so it's all good!

16. Portugal* - This was a cute little pop-ish song with cute little rainbows and clouds in the background. I fell for it and was really glad they went to the final - I didn't think they had a shot!

17. Malta* - Snooze.

18. Bosnia-Herzegovina* - Overdramatic - everyone in white, doing some kind of statue/marionette act...I don't know, not my thing, but this stuff seems to go over pretty well.

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  1. I look forward to Eurovision for the cheesy dance-pop with a big shot of weird, so I was really surprised how many down-tempo snoozers made it to the finals. I liked Turkey and Armenia, although the singer for Turkey wasn't great (sounded more like nerves than lack of ability, though).

    I actually liked Iceland's song, too. Just not for Eurovision. The singer was really good and I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio.

    Hopefully, Thursday will have a little more pep.


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