Monday, May 11, 2009

AmiExpat's Erdbeer-Bowle (Strawberry Bowl) Challenge!

This week, AmiExpat let us off easy with this very simple recipe for Erdbeer-Bowle! I first tried Erdbeer-Bowle at a festival in Mainz, where I was staying with a friend after classes were scheduled particularly late one day. This recipe doesn't look anything like what I saw them make in Mainz, which was full of juice and sugar. AmiExpat's recipe has only three required ingredients - strawberries, wine, and champagne.

A friend of ours was having a little housewarming on Thursday night so we decided to take it there. She has a small kitchen and was going to be cooking, so I cut up the berries in advance in our work kitchen right before leaving for her place. I cut all of them, large and small, into quarters for maximum juiciness!

Note on the strawberries: I went to buy the strawberries that morning and it was the first day I saw German strawberries at Rewe. They were sitting alongside Spanish strawberries. I couldn't decide which to get. The Spanish ones looked more ripe and were cheaper, but German strawberries have been sooooo good to me in the past, plus it's nice to buy local. So I ended up getting a half kilo of each. Oh German strawberries, why did I ever doubt you? They were incredible. I'll never be able to go back to California strawberries shipped for days in a truck to the midwest or east coast.

At my friend's place, we dumped the berries in a giant 3-liter bowl and poured on the wine. I guess the label's not really legible in the photo; it's a sweet wine from the beautiful Mosel Valley. We also made a second, non-alcoholic Bowle because one of the guests couldn't have any alcohol. For this one, I got white grape juice in place of the wine. Then we had to remove shelves in her little German fridge to fit the bowls in there to chill for an hour while we all ate.

After an hour, we pulled the bowls out of the fridge. To the real Bowle, we added the champagne; to the non-alcoholic Bowle, sparkling water. Turns out this recipe has a seriously high ratio of strawberries to liquid! This is also pretty different from Mainz, where a glass was about 1/4 - 1/3 strawberry. These were so full of strawberries they were practically dessert. Yum!! Both versions got good reviews so I recommend this to strawberry and champagne fans everywhere. Enjoy!


  1. That looks marvellous! Must try it, they don't have strawberries in Plus yet so I will go to Rewe--it is only 100 yards further, both easy walking distance from here.
    Now if summer would finally arrive so I could enjoy it!

  2. I luvs me some Bowle!
    Excellent stuff.
    I'll have to try the recipe.

  3. Good idea making the non-alcoholic one. Oliver was going crazy that he couldn't have some, I should have made him a Kinder-Bowle!

  4. That sounds delicious!

    And yeah, there are some foods I am going to have trouble eating when I get back to the US. Here in Korea I can get them grown locally, but back in the US, you can only get them flown or trucked in from far away, and they taste comparatively like cardboard. *sigh*

  5. Yummo! Looks so refreshing. Wine gives me a headache but I could definitely go for the non-alcohlic version.

    Yeah, if possible, it's always best to wait and buy German strawberries - good choice on your part. Not only do the local ones (usually) taste better, the berries from Spain and Italy are chock full of all kinds of nasty pesticides because they have different standards. Not that the German strawberries are pesticide-free, unless you buy "bio", but they tend have a lot less.

  6. Vailian: You really have to go early for the German strawberries, they sell out fast!

    Snooker: Let us all know how it goes if you do!

    Christina: It was easy to just make a small second one - I didn't want my friend to feel left out of the fun :)

    Kelsey: I guess it depends on where you live in the US - if you were in S. California, you could get locally grown anything!

    Christina: I don't even know if these were bio, they didn't have a lot of packaging or anything! :)

  7. Yum! That looks incredible. We'll definitely be trying it in the near future!


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