Tuesday, May 05, 2009

American Bread

You can find lots of bread marked "American" here: the square sliced white kind, hamburger buns, and hot dog buns. Germans think American bread is terrible. They're not wrong about that. But, American bread is not as terrible as the stuff marked American bread here!! I had a hankering for maidrites (that's my-corner-of-Iowa-ish for "sloppy joes") today and got the hamburger buns and was reminded again of what I already learned a few times. That bread is so light and dry it just falls apart if you put anything on it. Buns actually made in the US seem to be built to take the addition of meat and condiments a lot better!


  1. LOL! I crack up at the things I see marked "American" in Aldi and Lidl. There was a lady in front of me yesterday who must have been having some American style party because she had "American" style bread, buns, donuts, muffins, beans, "western" Pizza, and several other things. I was kind of sick just thinking about it. Yuck. The "American" versions taste nothing like the real stuff we have in America. I think it's the lack of trans-fats, white sugar and preservatives. :)

  2. Yuck! Next time you have a hankering for sloppy joes, let us know and we'll get you some decent hamburger buns.

  3. MIHH: Ooh, I've seen that stuff at Lidl and I think I'd skip that party! Blech!

    Sarah: Thanks! :)


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