Friday, April 10, 2009

Heidelberg Spring Watch #8


Another lovely day, and it's a holiday here in Germany, as is Monday! It's started to get humid again, as you can tell by the haze that's reappeared in the photo but was gone in the previous few days.

I should note that this particular hill maybe wasn't the best choice because it's north-facing and gets the least sun of any in Heidelberg. It's also sadly lacking in flowering trees. Still, it's hard to resist picking the hill with the castle on it. :)

This morning we got together with Ann on a Moose and her husband for brunch, who were coming through on their way to visit Dilsberg! It was really great and we even found out we had our college major in common!

Speaking of meeting cool fellow bloggers, a location has been chosen for the next expat blogger meet-up: Munich! Come by the forum if you're a fellow English-speaking blogger in Germany and register to join. We're currently voting on dates to hold the meet-up so don't miss out!


  1. CN,

    I thought you might enjoy these photos from home:

    Greetings from Iowa!


  2. It snowed last Sunday in Chicago - not a few gentle flakes either but a blizzardeque event. I'm really jelous of your pictures.

  3. Jeffrey: Thanks! Those are great! :D

    Mary: Come on over! :D


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