Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heidelberg Spring Watch #12

It actually rained a little bit today, but now it's sunny again, and it's been warm the whole time. Even our little cavelike apartment, which remains pretty cool, has started to warm up now.

In case anyone's been wondering what the other side of the river looks like, here's a photo of it which we took yesterday!
Other photos from yesterday:


  1. Thanks, this brings back memories, I used to love to bike around Heidelberg, even late at night it was fantastic...

  2. Hi, maybe you like my friends blog from chicago. www.chicago-blog.com. She is German journalist currently living in Chicago. Hwoever most fo her blog directs the German audience - written in German...
    I have had many great times in chicago myself working for Lufthansa mayn years back, hwoever the winter I never could get used too. Compared to that a Bavarian winter is nothing. Looks like you enjoy your time in Heidelberg and I wish you many happy days in my homecountry. Paula, currently in exile in Munich :-(

  3. Nelly: Thanks :)

    Webberpa: This is definitely a nice time of year to be here :)

    Paula/Skip: Thanks for the link! Yes, the Chicago winters are really brutal! It's quite mild here.

    Traveler: It is! :D

  4. It rained there? Not here. However, there is some in the forecast for this evening and tomorrow :(

    Great pics!


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