Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gelatin Leaves!

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After I bought the Dickmilch a few days back just for the lulz, I had to think of some way to actually use it. I googled for a recipe and found one here (it's in German) that looked pretty alright. But, it calls for gelatin leaves! I had never heard of or seen these before. I think in the US gelatin is generally only powdered. We found some gelatin leaves quite easily though, in the baking section at our little Rewe. I expected them to look sort of like a sheet of pressed powder, probably because my brain is still stuck on the powdered gelatin idea. But when I pulled them out to have a look last night, I discovered that they actually look like beautiful old windows! Check it out!

Alas, the strawberries we bought for this purpose a couple of days earlier met a white fuzzy end sooner than we expected, so we still didn't get a chance to make the recipe and see if this Dickmilch stuff is any good. Maybe tonight.

And I hate to brag, but it's freaking gorgeous again in Heidelberg today.

(Not that I'm out enjoying it... I'm staring at binders full of information that might be on my final exam, wondering how the hell an oral exam on shit I learned and was already tested on over a year ago is at all relevant to the way things work in the real world. Oh wait....I've been in the real world, and it's not at all how the real world works.)

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  1. I completely sympathize with you about being tested over all that stuff. I have the same issues with my comps.

    Also, that picture is freaking gorgeous. I drove John back to work today after lunch and was raving about how beautiful it is today. I should get out there with my camera too!


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